Lil Wayne Tattoos

Below, you will find lots of pictures of Lil Wayne’s tattoos including the tats he has on his face, hands, chest, arms, legs and neck. I’ll warn you now that he has a lot of tattoos and we will try and show you all of them and explain them.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
‘Headache’ or ‘Crackhead’ – You choose which you think this tatt is :P

Lil Wayne A Gun Palm Tattoo
A Gun tattoo on his palm.

Lil Wayne and Birdman Tattoos
All of Weezy’s (and his Dad’s) tats on their chest and neck.

Lil Wayne Face Tattoo
You can clearly see his ‘I Am Music’ and his ‘Fleur-de-lis’ New Orleans symbol tattoos.

Lil Wayne Back Tattoo
The prayer on Lil Wayne’s back.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
Some ‘vein’ tattoos on the side of his chest and a martian on his arm.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
He has ‘Baby’ and ‘Slim’ on both shoulders and a bird for ‘Birdman’. He also has a ‘Rolls Royce’ symbol on his left bicep.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
You can see lots of Weezy’s chest tats on the pic above including ‘MOB’ which stands for ‘Money Over Bitches’ and you can see his ‘Cash Money’ tattoo which is the record label he is on. You can also see his big ‘17′ tattoo which represents the 17th ward of New Orleans and he has ‘BR’ and ‘JR’ on each side of his navel which is short for his nickname “Birdman Junior”. He has ‘Nae Nae’ on both arms too which is for his daughter.

Lil Wayne Neck Tattoos
The Young Money Entertainment logo on his neck and ‘Su Woo’ which is something the bloods say.

Lil Wayne Face Tattoos
His 4 tear drops which are for the people who have been killed in his family, ‘Fear God’ and the ‘C’ between his eyes which is for his mother ‘Cita’ and his last name ‘Carter’.

Lil Wayne Hand Tattoos
His ‘Hot Boys’ tattoo on his hands which was the name of the group he used to be a member of.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
His ‘Misunderstood’, ‘Tune’ and ‘Lucky Me’ tattoos… you can even see some more vein tattoos.

Lil Wayne Fear God Tattoo
This is just a picture of Weezy getting his ‘Fear God’ tats on his eyelids.

Lil Wayne ESPN Tattoo
Here is his ‘ESPN’ tattoo.

Lil Wayne Tattoo
These 3 dots mean ‘laugh, think and cry’.

Lil Wayne Neck Tattoos
He has a ‘W’ and ‘Weezy’ on the side of his neck which is his nickname and his favourite letter from the alphabet.

Lil Wayne Tattoo
He coloured in the star below his neck red which also has ‘God’ above it and the bold numbers on his arm is his date of birth.

Lil Wayne Back Tattoos
Check out what Weezy’s back looks like ;)

Lil Wayne Chest Tattoos
He has added a red skull over all of his chest tattoos.

Lil Wayne Smiley Face Tattoo
Smiley face tattoo on his inner lip.

Lil Wayne Leg Tattoos
You can see some of his leg tattoos on this picture.

Lil Wayne Eye Face Tattoo
He has replaced his tear drop with some symbol.

Lil Wayne Arm Tattoo
A more detailed view of Weezy’s left arm.

Lil Wayne The World Hand Tattoo
“The World” tattoo on his palm… in other words he has the world in his hand.

Lil Wayne Sikk Fukk Tattoo
Wayne has a “Sikk Fukk” tattoo.

Lil Wayne Sikk Fukk Tattoo
Weezy has added 9 – 10 stars on the side of his face.

Lil Wayne Piru Tattoo
As you can see, Lil Wayne has “PIRU” tatted on him in red.

Lil Wayne Trina Tattoo
Lil Wayne tatted Trina on his finger, but he has now drawn a ring around it – maybe to suggest that he will never get married?

Lil Wayne Wings Tattoo

Lil Wayne Wings Tattoo

Lil Wayne Wings Tattoo
In the top 3 photos, you can see Lil Wayne’s “Wings” tattoos on each side of his chest.


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